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Fitzs Bluesy Clue
This was the first horse we bought.  She started our show career off on the right foot.  She was definitely a "been there-done that" horse.
Billy I bought Bucky for Donna for their anniversary several years ago.  He only lived at the farm for one year before we lost him, but he captured all of our hearts.  Donna especially loved to hear him "talk".  And talk he would when he thought you weren't feeding him fast enough!!!!!
Triple JJJ's Majesty
Maggie will always be one of the favorite mares.  She is greatly missed by all. 

 Rhapsody's Bonfire
Bonnie was a wild child when she arrived, however with time she quickly settled down into a beautiful show horse.  She is extremely missed.
Mother Nature's Picasso
Picasso was one of our first driving horses.  He had his own cute personality, and will be greatly missed.  

Little Wheels Fire Blueprint
Blue was the very first miniature ever owned.  He was a wonderful boy, who will always have a special place in all our hearts.
 Iona Farms JuJu Believe in Magic
Magic was the ultimate all around horse.  He was so patient and calm and would do anything you asked of him.  He was very special to all. 
 High Mountains Dazzler
Dazzler was a young show horse who had a promising show career ahead of him.  He will be greatly missed by all of us.  
The Ultimate Ride
Chief was injured shortly after he came to the farm so he became a pretty pet.  Chief unfortunately passed away recently he is so very missed.   

Molly Marie fought a long illness of diabetes but she was such a lover and we miss her terribly. 




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